The Utah Gospel Mission . . .

was founded as an evangelical missionary movement among the Mormons in Utah and the Rocky Mountain states in 1898 by the Salt Lake City Ministerial Association.  It has been directed by Rev. Kurt Van Gorden since 1979. 

If you would like to view our apologetic literature on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and why we believe in the biblical message, please click below.  We also have information in the study of comparative religions.  In that section you will find articles comparing Christianity to Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Unification theology, and other cults and world religions. 

Jude 3 Missions is our mission to religions outside of Mormonism and was founded with the New Testament book of Jude, verse 3, in mind: "Beloved . . . earnestly contend for the faith that was once for all delivered unto the saints."

Yours in the love of Jesus,
Kurt Van Gorden
Director of the Utah Gospel Mission

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New Additions:

"September Dawn"

This is the book based upon the new movie, September Dawn.  We find the book to be recommended reading about the events of our nation's first 9/11 tragedy.     Click here.

"The Lost Tomb of Jesus"

Sensational claims are being made about finding the bones of Jesus.  Are they true?  Click here.

"Hugh Hewitt on Mormonism"

Hugh Hewitt is a popular talk-show host with lots of opinions.  Read about his opinion of Mormonism, and how we respond.  Click Here.